5 Fun & Simple Fundraising Ideas


5 Ideas


Support raising for your DTS can be daunting! Here are a few fun and simple fundraising ideas to get you started.


Sell Dinner Plates

1. Sell Dinner Plates

I did this for my DTS fundraising and God provided $700 through it! My family and I put together plates with pulled pork and coleslaw at $10/plate. We set up tables and made an event out of it. Social media is always a huge help with getting the word out there. We were able to post on our local Facebook page, invite friends and welcome our church community--everyone had a blast! We even set out a donations jar and that helped a lot too.


Send Letters

2.  Send Out Support Letters

The purpose of a support letter is to explain what you are doing, why, and what your needs are to fulfill what God has called you to. Often times it is somewhat testimonial. People appreciate handwritten letters; it speaks volumes. A support letter is appreciated because your audience feels valued as an individual, rather than speaking to a general audience with a Facebook post.


Go, GoFundMe!

3. Launch a Go Fund Me!

You’ve probably heard of this one. Go Fund Me is well-known online fundraising platform and it's an awesome way to get your word out. It is simple to set up and you can connect it with Facebook. The money is processed through PayPal which people trust to be secure.


Speak & Meet

4. Speak and Meet

Be bold! Ask your pastor if you can share your story and your financial needs at church one day. The commitment to explain in person shows your leadership and confidence in what God is calling you to. You can also set up meetings with people you would personally like to ask for support-- but don’t make it only about that. Be willing to sit down for coffee, catch up for awhile, and support them in what God is doing in their life! Open up to them and allow them to ask challenging questions. Ask for a specific amount of support! This investment of your time and shows that you value the person and their relationship--not just their money.



5. Last but not least -- PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

This is the most important part of fundraising. Pray and trust in God’s provision. All the money belongs to Him and He is the one who can orchestrate movement in hearts of His sons and daughters to give. Thank God for what He’s done and for what He says He will do in your life. The focus should always be Him and His loving relationship with you. Read in the Bible what it says about His provision.

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Madison Wilkins

Madison is on staff here at YWAM Yosemite, where she did her DTS in 2016. She loves reading, the outdoors, and art. She's passionate about seeing young people answering the call God has on their lives. She also really likes cool shoes. She's from Michigan so she has pretty good balance on ice.