Alumni To Systems


There will always be reason for hope. This last week there has been a lot of loss within the community as well as some friends of a couple on our staff. It is hard to think of a loving God when hard things come our way. That is kind of the point of life though, isn't it: the hard things in life highlight our need for a Savior? This week we staff have been able to surround each other with prayer and intercede for the people in Oakhurst who are hurting right now. Hope is strongly revealed as God begins to move and heal. He is always doing something new. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of having a former student from our fall DTS, Hosanna, as a hospitality guest. The hospitality department got her room all set up with everything she would need and had a blast doing it. She came to be a guest speaker for one of the local youth groups and did a fantastic job at encouraging them in their faith and trust in God. It's always amazing to see students quickly stepping out and fulfilling God's call for their life to go out and reach more for His kingdom! What a wonderful encouragement it is to see students come back to touch Oakhurst with Christ's love. It gives us such excitement for what's to come this year with even more students who are able to do the same thing! We've been doing our very best to prepare for this coming Fall DTS. It will definitely be one for the books. This year is already so different from where we were just one year ago.

The last couple of weeks we've been operating the base with new systems set up. There are different departments with defined expectations and responsibilities within each role. These systems have brought so much organization, team work, and unity to all of us as staff and we are learning and growing so much more than we expected! God is constantly blowing us away with his faithfulness and provision in countless areas. If there's anything I've learned in all this that I could offer you, it is to step with boldness into seasons of change, knowing that Christ has already gone before you and is there to help you, love you and have His joy available to you in anything. That is a promise. As you step out you grow in strength and character as God is continually drawing you closer to Him in everything...even in the challenging moments along the way. God is so good all the time. All the time, God is good.