Christian Magna Carta: A Right to Fulfillment


God made all of creation for people to see and see His goodness...

Why should we engage in world missions? What needs in the world must the church meet? Do missionaries only care about preaching?

At our core as humans, we have a desire to bring justice to the world. To bring humanitarian aid to the needy, hurting, and lost. But, as Christians, our focus is a little bit different because we must look at both the physical and spiritual needs of this world so we can serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Deep in our core, as human beings, we have this desire to bring justice to the world. To bring humanitarian aid to the needy, hurting, and lost. As Christians, our focus has to be a little bit different than the typical thoughts of this world. Yes, we need to bring clean drinking water to people and yes we need to provide shelter for people but there are also absolutely vital rights that the Bible shows us are necessary for all of humanity. From this basis, we see the necessity of the Christian Magna Carta.

Over the last 6 weeks we have been exploring a document that in and of itself means nothing unless we, the Body of Christ, choose to institute these rights into the core of our mission. This document clearly lays out 6 basic rights that we believe, as Christians, are Biblical and God-given rights for all of humanity.

But why do we need such a document?

Let me ask you this, why do we need a map on a road trip? Because to get to our destination, or goal, we have to have something that shows us where to go, how to get there, and the most logical route to pursue that destination. As believers, we also have a map that guides us through life, the Bible. And from the Scriptures, we have developed this document to guide us towards one amazing goal, relationship with Jesus. All of these rights lead us to the most amazing destination, relationship and life with God.

So far, we have explored the following rights in this blog series:

  1. Everyone has the right to hear and understand the Gospel.

  2. Everyone has the right to have a Bible available in their own language.

  3. Everyone has the right to have a Christian education available for their children.

  4. Everyone has the right to have a Christian fellowship available nearby, to be able to meet for fellowship regularly each week, and to have Biblical teaching and worship with others in the Body of Christ.

  5. Everyone has the right to have the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter, and health care.

Which brings us to right number 6 in the Christian Magna Carta: 

Everyone has the right to lead a productive life of fulfillment spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically.


There is a lie that circulates around the Church that God doesn’t want us to enjoy lives, that He wants us to be miserable people, that Christians are stupid, and that we should be less than the rest of the world in the way that we live our lives. But in the Bible, it is clear that God gives humanity good gifts to enjoy. He made all of creation for people to see and see His goodness, He created good things to eat, He created pleasure, and He created the joy of relationships. All of these things though were intended to bring us into deeper relationship with the Lord.

As an organization and as believers, we at Youth With a Mission, deeply care for these rights. And we deeply care for them because we know that God deeply cares for these things. In our Discipleship Training School (DTS), we don’t just train new missionaries to go out into the nations and preach the Gospel, but we first care for the individual’s heart, mind, and soul. We know that in order to effectively display, preach, and teach about the love of Christ, our lives first must reflect the love we have received. At our core, we value the individual and their relationship with Jesus.

As Youth With a Mission, we affirm this right and we are committed to fulfilling it.

How can you be a part of unleashing this right to people?

  • First, bring this right to yourself. Get plugged into the local church and cultivate relationships in your life that will push you towards health in your life and walk with God.

  • Disciple others. As you grow and are transformed by the Lord’s love, be a part of someone else’s journey into fullness of relationship with God.

  • Do a DTS with us! Invest into yourself and others with 6 months of intensive discipleship and growth.

As we wrap up this series on the Christian Magna Carta, we at Youth With a Mission want to deeply encourage you to be a part of unleashing these 6 rights into the world. The Bible has made it so evident that God desires these rights to be spread throughout the world and for His Creation to love and worship Him. As believers, we must be a part of these rights being unleashed into the world. Will you, partner with what the Lord is doing the nations?


Mandie Messerschmidt

Mandie is on staff here at YWAM Yosemite where she did her DTS in the Fall of 2015. She has studied Ministry Development and the Bible through YWAM. She has a huge heart for Thailand, where she plan to move long-term one day. Mandie loves teaching, people, and adventuring with friends. She is passionate about people knowing the beauty of the Bible and the impact that it has on the Christian life.