Boldness in Trusting God's Voice

The students now have two weeks of classes under their belts. They’ve learned so much and are already being challenged with their beliefs, relationships with God and each other. This last Friday the students were tasked with choosing their outreach locations while including the staff and seeking Jesus for guidance. The two options were Thailand and Nepal; many if not all the students wrestled with themselves and their preconceived notions on where they thought they ought to go as the Lord changed many of the students hearts and leaders prompted students to trust God with their future outreach opportunities. At the end of the day and after much deliberating the teams were set, 13 students are headed to Thailand and 10 to Nepal. To say that the students were exhausted after the decision would be an understatement, however their resolve in the Lord was strengthened as they saw the Lord confirm hopes, dreams and prophecies.
     A few of the students however are now headed to an outreach locations that they originally were not looking to go to. These students were challenged to trust the staff but more importantly the Lord, that where they are being sent is where they are supposed to go despite prior wants. They were really challenged with the idea that God’s plan for their lives was not their own and even if they knew God’s plans they may not understand it always. For other students the Lord had showed them last minute that they were to go to a different location than planned on, for these students the Lord confirmed his plans to them in really sweet ways through staff and even other students. Either side that the students aired on however saw increases in faith and grew an expectation that God would continue to grow and guide them even if the direction He was taking them was the opposite that they wanted to go.
Hebrew 11:6 (ESV)
"And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him."
 How has God been calling you trust him with your life?
Is He calling you to do something that you though He would never ask you to do?
If God’s plan for your life is different than your own would you be ok with that?