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Put Your "Yes" In Action

Have you done your YWAM DTS? Do you have a call to full-time ministry? Now it’s time to put your “Yes” into action. Get equipped and get launched through the School of Missions & Evangelism.

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You Don't Have to Be Outdoorsy to Join YWAM Yosemite

“I’m from Ohio, I grew up in a middle class family in the suburbs/country, and, when I came out to YWAM Yosemite, I had only been camping --  um, “glamping” -- once when I was 8... and I hated it…” Check out this blog to see how the Lord transformed Mandie’s life through the most unexpected place.

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Life In Nepal

My very first day in Kathmandu I awoke to the maddening traffic outside and the chatter of a new language. I stepped out to the balcony of the guest house to a view of the city, blanketed in what I thought in the moment to be fog, it was dust. In that moment I thought about…. Check out this blog by one of our staff members about his experience in Nepal.

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Christian Magna Carta: A Right to Fulfillment

A life of fulfillment and a life in which Christ permeates into every area of our lives. This is a right that we at Youth With a Mission believe is completely Biblical and necessary. Check out the last week of our series on the Christian Magna Carta and how you can unleash this right into the world.

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Why God Wants to Use Your Passions

Did you know that your passions -- whether backpacking, teaching, art, or business -- are directly connected to what God has called you to? Read more to find out how God planted your passions and interests in you for the purpose of glorifying Him in the spheres and the nations.

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