Eternal Joy in Everything


So much has been happening here at YWAM Yosemite recently. This last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a team called Leadership 13 (L13). They are a team of leaders in YWAM who have had years of experience in the mission. Their ministry as a group is to travel around to different YWAM locations to help improve leadership within staff teams. As individuals they were amazing, but together The Lord used them in huge ways to help our team here at YWAM Yosemite. We  got to break down each aspect of our ministry, our leadership, and who we are individually in order to be further unified on what YWAM Yosemite's vision actually is. It was so refreshing to look around the room and understand each other even more than before. We got to see how each staff member leads, their love languages, and how we can all communicate well as a team. The whole time L13 was with us, I couldn't help but be overjoyed with what was happening. Yes, we were sitting down and communicating logistics of what it looks like to lead as "one body" with one vision, but my joy was coming from the eternal perspective that God kept revealing to me. The purpose of L13 was, of course, to strengthen our ministry and our leadership within staff here, but it was also so much more than that. The whole time, God kept asking me why we were really doing this. Finally I started to picture the students that have already been accepted into our Fall Discipleship Training School this September. I saw each face and imagined all the good that God will do within their hearts. I pictured all the adventure that they will get to experience in Yosemite, on Outreach, and within their own relationship with God. Then it dawned on me that yes, we are being immensely blessed by L13 at the beginning, to begin our ministry with an amazing foundation of leadership, but ultimately, this will strengthen who we are as leaders and as a YWAM location so that The Lord can pave the way for a safe environment for students to learn, grow, and eventually be sent out of to serve where they are called. I was given an overwhelming sense of joy in this; it was joy from The Lord's eternal perspective, showing me the purpose behind what we do here, what we are called to do everywhere we are really: to be filled up from The Lord but then to pour out as well. The L13 group were a vessel for God to strengthen us, unveil His heart for our ministry, and give us understanding in why we are really doing it. Our director, Nate, often says, "Who knows? A student from this next school could eventually be running this place.", and he is exactly right! We continually ask ourselves, "How can we live our life intentionally, in how we seek to be filled up, how we seek to know who God is amidst everything? How can we not stop there and instead go share that with everyone, everywhere?" Living like that would be a life full of purpose, drive, and eternal joy, knowing that in everything you do, it's intentionally pouring out all of Jesus that is within you.

How are you seeking God's face amidst everything? How are you seeing who He truly is and allowing that to pour out over your whole life? Let us know; we want to celebrate alongside you!