Greece Update: YWAM United


Hello friends! Sitting here in Athens, Greece and things are going great! We've been here for about three weeks, hitting the streets daily for prayer walk and evangelism. This had enabled us to really receive God's heart for this city. Often times we worship around the different metro stops and use the "Everything" skit as a way for God to speak. Last Monday, half our team went to the Areopagus, where Paul spoke to the crowd in Acts 17. Here we gathered as four different YWAM bases and worshiped. It was a time of proclaiming the Kingdom of God over this area and it was oh so sweet to join together before YWAM United began.

We are now three days into YWAM United. Teams from all over have come together to pray and worship for the people here in Greece. A big part of these past two days have been exactly that. Last night, students signed up to read the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, out loud over the church that we will all be meeting in for the next two weeks. These next couple of days we will be doing just that over all of Athens at the four highest points of the city. All teams are joining together to pray, worship, and serve others in the streets we serve an amazing God!

One thing we have experienced so far is the day God led us to minister to a family living out of a tent in a public park. After their clothes had been washed in a plastic play-pool they were scattered all along the bushes to dry. As we walked to them, the children came to us immediately at the mother's call to beg for money. A few of us started worshiping and others of us played with the seven children as they quickly realized we were there to invest time and build relationships. These kids had the biggest smiles and most contagious laughs. Once we showed them that we wanted to love them each specifically, they opened up completely. Despite the near complete language barrier, we played games and had a giant circle of a dancing worship party! We had another chance to visit them and this time the kids didn't even try begging. They remembered that we were there to love them. There is so much joy in these kids even as they wait for someone to take interest in them. God wants these children to know that they are more than just tools for begging. They are worthy sons and daughters of our Father. We look forward to visiting them again before we leave Athens.

January 19th half of our team heads out for Thessaloniki where we will serve specifically in the refugee camps. We are stoked to see what God has in store and the ministry we will be able to be in with these people.


Written by DTS student Madison Wilkins

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