Heartbroken for Thailand

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I saw a woman dancing with a man.

Her skin was like soft chocolate and her eyes dwarfed the moon. His smile welcomed all and His eyes saw her and her alone. They stood in a grand ballroom, the entire room vacant, save the duo. The dance floor was lit by some unseen light above, its yellowed glow spilled onto the hardwood floor, illuminating a soft circle they remained in. 

They danced with such grace, each twist and turn deliberate yet natural. The man led, the woman followed. He spun her around and she responded without hesitation, he brought her close and she welcomed the embrace. All of eternity was captured in these moments on the dancefloor.

But it would not last. 

Dark fingers stretched from the shadows into the dancers' circle. A shape extended from the dim edges, reaching into the light, beckoning her away from Him. She turned her gaze and caught sight of the invitation into darkness. 

Her right hand released His, then her left, as she turned to hold the new hand. As soon as her delicate fingers touched the cold blackness, it gripped her violently, yanking her into the shadows.

The Dancer stood in the light, His eyes glossed over, His mouth hung open, His heart lay broken. 

In the darkness, more hands reached for her figure, grabbing at her clothes, tearing them without regard. Her elegant ballroom gown lay in pieces on the floor. She flinched at the touch of cold hands on her bare skin, and she tried to protest, but she soon found it was futile. So, she retreated inside herself and let the darkness do with her as it pleased...

My legs gave out from under me and brokenness swept over me. My eyes flooded with tears and I ached because she had been stolen away from her Dancing Partner; their sweet steps so violently disturbed. I hung my head and tears rained down as I cried out to God, “They’re hurting her! When will you rescue her?! Do something, please…”

The Lord revealed this scene to me during a time of prayer for Thailand. It captures the Father’s heart for this nation, this people. At one point, they had been entwined, in love. Maybe not in our history, but in the beginning, she was His. The girl I saw was a beautiful Thai girl, and the man was Jesus. They were united in relationship as they danced, but her heart was seduced by darkness and her purity stolen. As the unholy hands violated her body, I saw the struggle in her eyes as she began to see herself as a sexual object.

The scene was not for the faint of heart. In fact, it was quite graphic, but the Holy Spirit showed me this to understand the Father’s heart for a broken nation. I share it with you today praying that you may come to understand the Father’s heart for Thailand, too.

I did not let it overwhelm me. I let it break me.

I chose to feel God’s broken heart for a nation whose people don’t know Him and, when I let that happen, I fell madly in love with her. 

But, love is more than dates and matrimony; it is vulnerability, it is intimacy, it is restoration, it is redemption, all tangled up together. And I loved this nation. 

On June 23, 2017, I met Thailand, the girl in my vision, and oh, was she beautiful. I never really believed in love at first sight until I saw her. She wasn’t perfect; her slums easily observed by anyone speeding down the highway, her filth and litter exposed to the casual passerby, her insecurities effortlessly revealed. But all these things made me love her more. I saw the spaces where redemption could flood, the places the Savior would tread, and I wanted to see it happen.

My heart longed to see Thailand deeply wooed by Jesus, her purity restored and her innocence redeemed. But, would I leave my home, my family, my culture, my food and language to go to her and help introduce her to Jesus? Would Jesus even orchestrate our meeting? Would anything I do have any real, lasting impact? Who am I that I should be the one to go?

I tried to justify why I shouldn’t go and why I didn't deserve to. But, that’s the strange paradox of the Gospel, isn’t it? We don’t get what we deserve, and we get what we don’t deserve. Jesus has moved us from “deserving” to “worthy” and Thailand is so worthy. 

Now that I've gone and have returned to America, I have not stopped thinking about her, like a long-distance relationship when you are just aching to be together again. I think about her often and will await seeing her again with great longing.

Will you join me in prayer for the Lord’s beloved Thailand?

Let’s pray that,

  • Men, women, and children in sex tourism will be set free and redeemed
  • Buddhist monks will study Christianity and be struck by the truth of the Gospel
  • The Gospel will flood into the nation
  • Long-term missionary workers will be sent to Thailand
  • Bibles will be distributed in their native language

Has God given you a heart for Thailand, too?

Thailand is one of our Focus Nations here at YWAM Yosemite and we send many of our Discipleship Training School students there. Is God is calling you to go?


Dalles Sanchez

Dalles came on staff at YWAM Yosemite after he completed his DTS in Northern Ireland in 2015. He loves a good book, fulfilling adventures and new faces, places and food. Dalles is passionate about teaching and language learning and plans to use that passion as an English teacher overseas.