Mobilizing and Hosting

It is one of the most incredible things to witness the promises of God come into manifestation right before your eyes. We got to see this last year through so many occasions: stepping onto our campus for the first time, furnishing our student housing, and especially last September when our first students began to arrive for their DTS. We have stood in awe seeing God be so faithful to do all He said He would do, and this week is just another example of those promises coming to pass.
This week, three of us had the honor of travelling to Redding, CA, to set up a booth at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry's (BSSM) "Deployment Day." It was a day for all BSSM students to meet with different ministries from all over the world to see where they could possibly plug into after they graduate next week. Our booth was set up with nothing less than an old-fashioned mexican camping blanket, pine cones covering the entire table, camping gear from what looks to be the 1970's, with YWAM Yosemite promo all over. It was really something to see! We even had the woman who was over the entire even comment that we had the most fun table there! David, Joy, and I got to talk with many different students about the equipping God does through YWAM for people interested in stepping out onto the mission field as well as our heart to incorporate our love for the outdoors with reaching the physically unreached.
It was such a thrill to see our pioneering base being promoted at a larger school and it completely blew my mind to see how much God has grown us just over this past year! In addition to this growth, we are also seeing it happen right here on base as our hospitality department has expanded and developed more. Currently, we are hosting the YWAM Redding staff team for their staff retreat right here in our base housing! This is such an expansion and blessing to be able to host other bases and serve them the way we are now. God has given us so much to give others and use to bless them that it's just really cool to actually be doing it now!
I am so excited to see the ways God will continue to grow us and stretch us and use us in this coming season because it always looks like getting to bless others with it!