More than an Experience


Here at YWAM Yosemite, we are gearing up for our trip to Greece! It is hard to believe that our Outreach is only a week away. In preparation, there has been a bit of a shift in our DTS curriculum over the last few weeks. We have taken a step back from the spiritual aspects of our Christianity, and have begun to dive into the discipleship of our minds. Our conformity to the mind of Christ can only be completed by breaching the gap between the “sacred” and “secular” mindsets. Since the Lord is sovereign over all things, there can be no true separation between the sacred world and the secular world. Both belong to Christ, and both were created through Christ. Thus, as Christians we are to marry the two and allow Jesus access to every aspect of our lives, not just the “religion” part.To do this, we have looked at the practicality and rationality of the Judeo- Christian worldview in contrast to others, and stretched ourselves past simply “believing because we believe”. You see, if we are to impose the truth on those who have not heard it, we must be able to give rational reasons to believe what we are telling them beyond our experiences. On top of this, as a Christian it strengthens our faith to have concrete evidence of the existence of the Living God, as well as bolsters our confidence in the face of persecution and ridicule. To put it simply, our goal is that even if we are to never have a supernatural experience with the Creator again, we can have justifiable, rational faith in following Him because of our knowledge of the cosmos and our very existence. Now, let’s take a breath and step back from theological doctrine and recap some of the happenings here on base! Our team leaves on June 28 for Thessalonike. Must I say, it is awesome that we are going to a place rich with biblical history! As a team, we have been preparing songs, skits, and other tools to use in order to reach the refugees. Also, we have been actively fundraising for our trip. We are still in need of funds, so we have been putting together different ways to gain support, including a backyard concert! No matter what, we have faith that God will provide this money for us. We know that He has brought each and every one of us here for this mission, and that He has gone before us to make these provisions. He will not leave us empty-handed! As a final note, we would like to ask for prayer support as we ship off over seas! Here at YWAM Yosemite, we strongly believe in the power of prayer, and its effects on not only us, but those God is pursuing in the refugee camps. We thank you for your support in our mission, and we can’t wait to return home with stories and testimonies from Greece!

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