"My Friend! My Friend, Come!"


"My friend! My friend, come!" A child took my hand and walked me across the hotel lobby to play tag in the gloomy outdoors. The cool air hit our faces as we split off in different directions, my little friend's hand in mine. We ran around laughing for a good hour. My heart was overjoyed teaching my friend how to ride a bike, knowing that someone else teaching him was unlikely. I love playing with these kids, showing them the love of Jesus Christ as we venture up and down the elevator, in and outside. After we worked up a good sweat, the girls on our team were led upstairs by another new friend and her little sister. As we entered the room we were welcomed by the sweetest family. Music began to play and pretty soon each of us were getting makeovers by the lovely and talented eyebrow shaper! Lipstick on and eyebrows freshly done our friends pulled out all the scarves they owned (which was a colorful and impressive amount) and put a hijab on each of us. Culture is such a beautiful thing and it was such a pleasure building these friendships despite our differences. Our Father loves culture and embraces it as we should. I loved today and look forward to more joyful days spent with our friends in ministry.

After ministry with our friends, we headed to take photos at the seashore just a few minutes down the street. Little boats were lined up on the sand motionless. Beyond we could just barely make out a large ship and the undefined horizon. The sky blended with the still sea in the most beautiful color. The scene was calming and our smiles seemed to fill the air. God's joy was contagious in this vast beauty we were able to share and capture.

Thessaloniki is beautiful and its people are so welcoming. Please pray for us as we cross cultural boundaries. As we weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Please pray for more open doors to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Please pray for these new relationships and for wisdom and joy to encase our team. Thank you for the support back home as we venture in these waters.

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