Peaches for Jesus


This week I had the privilege of joining some of my fellow staff in a retreat to YWAM Gleanings, in Dinuba, CA. Gleanings packages home grown food for those who are in need, all over the world. We were heavily involved during peach season, whether we were in the field, turning the fruit to "cup up" (skin side down) so it would dry properly; or in the "plant" inspecting fruit, packaging dried fruit, or turning the peaches stem side up so the cutting machine would properly core and split the peaches.After working the hours that we did, it occurred to me that the staff here does this all the time. Every day. Long hours in the hot sun, the sulfur tunnels, and everything else they do, all for people they will never meet. They love these people so much, and they have no idea where the food they package is going, or to whom. It stuck me... Do I live for the glory of God that much? Do I live so selflessly that I will work that hard for people to eat that I will never meet? Seek first the kingdom, and all these things will be added to you. Love your neighbor. Store your treasures in heaven.

Pick peaches.

Amanda Stoner