Perks of Staffing at YWAM Yosemite!


Hey all you bloggers out there! Coming to you live from Oakhurst, California's cutest coffee shop, YWAM Yosemite's very own staff members and dynamic roommate duo, Shea and Chloe! *The crowd goes wild!!!!*

Here around YWAM Yosemite, adventure is not hard to find. All the way from the west coast ocean shoreline, to running rivers and infinite tree lines in Yosemite, the possibilities are endless. A couple of weeks ago we got the awesome opportunity to train and develop our leadership skills and unity as a staff team, and by the end, we both were in desperate need for someĀ time to escapeĀ and enjoy the outdoors. By 10 p.m. that evening we were both restless in our kitchen and began joking about packing up, then and there, and driving 3 hours to the Big Sur coastline. Our joke soon became a reality and the next thing we knew, we were all packed up in Chloe's faithful Honda Accord, Harold, heading west. With coffee in hand, Ben Howard's new album blasting, and what seemed like a lifetime supply of pretzels, we were off!

Two hours into the drive, I (Shea) couldn't help but be overwhelmed by how incredible this life is that God has gifted me with. Gifted us all with! Sure there are trials and even tears from time to time, but the satisfaction that Christ has given me here with YWAM Yosemite, way surpasses the bumps in the road along the way. Without tension, there would be no victory, and what fun would life be without victory!? So there Chloe and I were, driving down Highway One at 2 a.m., and we started talking about how incredible a life with Christ is; how much fulfillment he gives us, and how we are so blessed to live in a place that is in the center of most people's vacation destination spots. Not only is our fulfillment in where God has called us, but more so in what he has called us to. If I would have stayed in my comfortable little world in Texas instead of obediently driving halfway across the country, I would've never known what crazy adventures God had in store for me here at YWAM Yosemite.

As we were reflecting on these things, I (Chloe) was overwhelmed by the fact that God not only called me here, called me to an awesome "job", but that he called me to be surrounded with the people I am. We aren't just a team, we are a family and a family who appreciates the glory and awesomeness of adventure. While driving, I had a moment looking over at Shea, and I was overcome with the reality that she and I were able to just pick up and go for 24 hours to one of my favorite places in the world, for no other reason but that we were able to. This is the attitude and atmosphere cultivated among our staff team; that we are empowered and encouraged by our leaders to get out beyond what is comfortable and familiar to us. We value growth in every aspect of the word; that we grow in our walk with God, grow in our relationships with people around us, grow in the skills and talents we were given, grow in our knowledge and understanding of the heart of God, and that we grow in loving and enjoying all He has surrounded us with. I love that I live and work with people who share the same heart and passion to make Jesus known around the world, and that they actually enjoy doing it!

Within 24 hours we drove 3 hours to Big Sur, camped on the side of Highway One, and woke up to the sound of the ocean crashing against the cliffs. We found epic coffee shops and libraries in the forest, wrote songs with Shea's guitar while sitting cliffside, jammed to Van Morrison and John Denver while whipping out some awesome dance moves, soon to find ourselves back in our kitchen preparing for another week of work at the YWAM base. It almost seemed as if it was all a dream, but Shea's video camera proved otherwise. Stay tuned for our Big Sur video that we will be posting soon, in order to see this blog come to life!


What crazy adventure has God called you to? Are you crazy enough to say yes?