Putting God's Name On Our Bank Account


Putting God's name on our bank account

What if we actually saw our bank account like that? With God's name as the account owner instead of our own? Would our spending trends be any different? Would we be more generous giving away some one elses money? Would we still be so frugal and fearful with the amount it held?

It sounds crazy to put God's name on your bank account. But should it be? If we took His Word seriously, and at face value, wouldn't it make more sense to have the real Owner be accountable for the funds? Too often we forget who the real Owner even is. Too often we treat the Owner as if He were only the steward, to do what needs to be done with what we give Him. So, consequently, we treat the steward as the owner, the one who calls all the shots and is responsible to keep the account full enough. And what is full enough?

To live a life of faith means to live a life of trust in God. To quote Hebrews 11; “Faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see. For by it the people of old received God's commendation. By faith we understand that the world was set in order at God's command, so that the visible has it's origin in the invisible.” This is our duty, to be convinced of the goodness of God and His provision for us to carry out what He has asked.

The idea of a small, unqualified group of people, long term unemployed, purchasing a half a million dollar property does seem a little crazy. Crazy, or God. That is what God has asked us at YWAM Yosemite to do - to establish a missions training center, within one mile from town, to train and send out young people into Oakhurst and the ends of the earth. For months and months we, as staff here, have asked God for this; for a building to work out of, for classrooms to teach in, for an actual "YWAM Base". And for months we have prayed over a particular property, believing it being exactly what God intended for us, waiting for Him to make a way, waiting for His timing. This past week the owner of that 5 acre piece of land here in Oakhurst accepted our offer and, after some negotiations, has agreed to sell us the land, along with the two houses, dining room, office building and large auditorium that is already on the land waiting for us. Escrow has started, and the keys to this miracle will be in our hands within the month! It is both an unbelievably exciting and yet humbling time for us as we move forward into the place God has prepared for us, and as we take on the responsibility of paying off a large property that we are overwhelmingly incapable of doing.

Do we have a half a million? By no means. Does God? And that is the real question – who is paying for this? I mean really, who? It's no longer enough to think hypothetically that God will come through, our feet are on the tightrope ready to trust this cord with our weight – we are here and stepping out, entirely depending on God to keep us from falling.

He may as well have His name on our account, for all that we have, God has provided. All our needs are met in Him, our Confidence. Our hope is that we would forever recognize that He is the only Owner, and we are only the stewards.