The Battle Within Our Hea


A personal revelation of mine over the last few months as I've stepped into full time missions here at YWAM Yosemite, is that when the enemy lies and tells us that someone will never change or they are too far lost, we can take that thought captive and check it against Truth. Thankfully the Truth is a Person, which Jesus stated about Himself. What He did for us trumps everything else. It's amazing yet, at times, so hard for us to accept. I picture the Holy Spirit as someone constantly performing heart surgery on me. He is bursting from the inside out of me while at the same time crushing everything that is not a fruit of His own character. It might be said that He has the dirtiest "job" constantly dealing with everyone's junk, but it is pretty clear He loves to do that: to Him our lives are not junk. Jesus already paid for everything, so Holy Spirit isn't dealing with debt; He is eager and excited for us to realize the truth that is already in front of us. During a conversation I had with a former DTS student, Hunter, he mentioned the topic of inferior humility. I sat back and thought about that phrase for a minute. I realized that feeling of "not being worth it" was something that had crept into my life years ago. I can pinpoint the years in my life when I compensated with pride, but for the most part, inferior humility was my struggle. That lie had kept me from acting out of my true identity that Christ paid for me to have. I feel like there are a lot of people who have these same battles. The Holy Spirit is in us to battle for us and He then comes upon us so He can battle through us for others. My favorite part of being a Christian is that I get to be more aware of this battle in my own life and of those around me. I have been praying for God to open my eyes more to this battle so He can continue His work in me and through me. Following in obedience to what God was saying about coming to YWAM Yosemite was the best decision my wife and I could have made, not because YWAM is so amazing, although it is incredible, but because of Jesus and what He can do through people who are surrendered to Him and His calling. All of the opportunities we have received are of no credit to us but only to God because He is the one who got us here and is sustaining us. I felt led to write about this to remind us to always ask, out of balanced humility, the Holy Spirit to continue His surgery within our hearts. When He's finished and we are standing before the Father, I believe we are going to see the beautiful canvas He was painting the whole time.