The Gift of Going


Often times, it's hard to leave home. It's hard saying goodbye to family and friends. It's hard coming into the tough, yet rewarding, reality of being an adult. Most of all, it is hard going into a state of complete surrender to God, but freedom isn't free.It requires sacrifice, we can see that in Americas history, and in many other countries past, but biblically as well. Heaven went bankrupt so that we may have a way to the Father. So that we may truly experience the fully glory of God, and receive the crown of righteousness. We've had the complete and free gift (like many others) of being a child of God. Like all children of God (emphasis on ALL), we have a calling. A calling in which the Lord has gifted us with to become the man that He sees in us. Being able to be in Greece knowing that the Lord brought us here has been rewarding in so many ways. Being able to be on long flights, looking out the window and seeing (what seems like) a whole new world is surreal. Knowing that the Lord has complete control over what we do here, who we talk to, and place we must be have given us rest, confidence, and hope. The calling to Go, is a mystery though. It's a mystery because of the where, the how, the who, and the why. I feel, that this calling in particular is mainly a mystery because Gods character and nature begins to capitalize when we decide to be obedient. Whether the calling is to stay or to Go. When we decide to surrender our plans, When we decide to surrender our finances, when we decide to truly let God influence our character, and when we decide to live for Christ. We realize that His plans for us move us from glory to glory to glory, all while being confident in who we are in Him. There is an amazing quote from this movie and the main character says "when you become a father one thing becomes apparent, and that's that you want to make sure your children are safe". Picking up our cross and following Jesus is not gonna be safe (Luke 9:23), but we know that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed to us (Romans 8:18). We hold a promise in our hearts when we leave our families, our friends, our cities or our small towns, a promise that we will be crowned, that we will fight the good fight, and that we will finish the good race. Not because of our works, or our generosity, but because faith in Christ alone gives us strength and equips us for His call for us. It starts today. Are you listening?