What Is A DTS?


During your Discipleship Training School (DTS), you will learn how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ with all of yourself and in all areas of your life.

During your Discipleship Training School (DTS), you will learn how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ with all of yourself and in all areas of your life.

During these intensive five to six months, you will build your faith on a strong foundation, learn what it means to practically walk out your faith, and practice sharing the Gospel. Whether you do your school here at YWAM Yosemite or another campus, a DTS is broken down into three main parts: lecture phase, outreach phase, and re-entry.

Lecture Phase: Knowing God

With a new speaker teaching on a new topic every week, you will grow in countless areas in your walk with God. From understanding what it means to live out a Biblical worldview, to the Character & Nature of God, to relationships, to the Holy Spirit, to evangelism, this foundation will transform the way you walk out your faith.

Our speakers come from a variety of backgrounds -- involved with YWAM full-time or those who aren't, serving full-time in the missions field full-time or in a variety of professions, interdenominational, local or non-local. We aim to have a variety of teachers so that you are able to challenge yourself and receive well-rounded teaching.

During lecture phase, you also engage in work duties on campus. Jesus spent His life on earth serving others - not with dragging His feet, but with an understanding of furthering The Kingdom, loving well, and blessing others. With work duties, we aim to teach how to have this heart of joyful servanthood so you can serve others wholeheartedly.

The combination of these challenging teachings, living in community, work duties, community outreach and evangelism cultivates a season of exponential growth for every student.

Outreach Phase: Making God Known

Outreach is a 9-12 week missions trip that will give you a glimpse into a life of missions and what it really means to live life for God's glory. YWAM Yosemite focuses specifically on Greece, Thailand, Nepal, the Middle East, and hurricane relief in the Caribbean. For each DTS, we pray about outreach and where to send each group of students. Obeying God, we send students with their leaders overseas to live out what they learned in lecture phase. Often times we are able to send the students as separate, yet unified teams. This means that one school may have enough students to make two, three, or even four outreach teams!

Your outreach could look like serving in a refugee camp, trekking to remote regions of Nepal where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been heard, sharing Christ's love with women in the red-light district of Bangkok, or doing disaster relief work on a medical ship.

Re-Entry Week: Equipped for a Lifetime of Following Jesus

When you return from outreach, you enter into "Re-Entry Week," which prepares them for what God is calling them to next. It's easy to become used to the life DTS presents, like having a supportive community, mentors, and constantly being pushed to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

This transition week equips, informs, and prepares students for what is next for them. It may be a preparation for going home, going back to school, joining the workforce, staffing with YWAM, joining a YWAM secondary school, or going full-time into overseas missions. Our vision for this week is to equip students to continue in what they’ve learned in DTS, and take that into the rest of their lives. We teach on specific challenges they may face, how to lean on God in those areas, how to share about this transformational time, how to continue growing through spiritual disciplines (like Bible Study, prayer, etc.), and the value of remaining in discipleship community.

Are you ready for the adventure with God that will change your life?


Madison Wilkins

Madison is on staff here at YWAM Yosemite, where she did her DTS in 2016. She loves reading, the outdoors, and art. She's passionate about seeing young people answering the call God has on their lives. She also really likes cool shoes. She's from Michigan so she has pretty good balance on ice.

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