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Are you interested in doing missions? Can’t pick an organization to do missions with? Here at YWAM, we believe that we are a great way to get into missions effectively, efficiently, and healthily. We believe that doing missions through an organization, as opposed to independently, allows for accountability, pastoral care, and more fruit on the field.

Why effectively?

We aim to use the highest levels of strategy going into the nations. To make the greatest impact in missions field, YWAM Yosemite sends teams to the same places, cultivating ongoing relationships in our target nations, and partnering with organizations on the ground that will continue the discipleship process once we are gone.

Why efficiently?

At our core, we are a missions organization full of passionate followers of Jesus who have given their lives to missions. Your start in missions will be smooth because you’ll be working alongside experienced missionaries who want to train and equip you into a life of missions.

Why healthily?

We understand that going into missions can be a difficult process characterized by a lot of surrender. Our staff team is full of qualified and trained missionaries who understand the challenges of working cross-culturally. This equips us to walk with you on your journey into missions. Further, going into missions with a team -- and surrounded by community -- helps cultivate emotional, spiritual, and mental health.


Here are a few things that set YWAM apart...

1. We are International & Interdenominational


Diversity in missions creates a fuller picture of God's intention for missions.

We believe that having one denomination or just one nation in missions is like taking out all of the colorful pieces of a puzzle. Doing so would take away from the beauty that the artist intended for a full work of art.

We are international, so our team is made up of people from all over the world united in our love for Jesus and desire to make Him known. Denominational separation in missions can be divisive, so our aim is to bring all Christians together to serve the Lord in the Great Commission as the Body of Christ.


2. Do First, Then Teach


We’ve learned to clean our brushes with excellence before we teach you to do so.

We believe that guiding people into missions is an honor and we strive to do that well. We do first, then teach because we believe that first-hand experience gives authority to our words. Godly character and the anointing of the Lord in ministry are more important than an individual’s gifts, abilities and expertise.

We don’t just send you into missions on a whim, but we are highly-qualified missionaries who take outreach teams into the nations. Everyone on staff with YWAM has missions-field experience, a background in Biblical training, and is passionate about responding to the Great Commission.

In YWAM, we do first and then teach. In other words, we’ve painted on many canvases, learned how to clean our brushes with excellence, and learned technique to ensure we’ve done it well; before we attempt to teach you to paint an exquisite work of art.


3. We Equip You Through Discipleship


Walk through the door leading to the nations from a greenhouse of discipleship.

Although we champion young people and desire to push you into the adventure of serving Jesus, we won’t send you into the nations unequipped. In fact, in our DTS, we disciple our students through an intensive 3-months of practical, biblical training before sending them on a cross-cultural outreach.

We believe that DTS is a place for you to grow and to be discipled, before going into the world to preach the Gospel. Through discipleship in what it means to live out your faith, how to share your faith effectively, living in community, and cross-cultural orientation, you will be equipped for your 3 months of overseas missions... and wherever God calls you after your DTS!


4. We Must Know God to Make Him Known


Pick up the Bible... before picking up the microphone.

We don’t expect our students to have it all figured out when they show up (I mean, do we ever have it all figured out?). We are committed to knowing who God is and allowing that knowledge to invade every area of our lives.  We want to walk alongside you in a discipleship journey as you discover what it means to really know God, so that you can truly make Him known in the nations.

We believe that before we pick up the microphone, we have to pick up the Bible. It is vital for us to know the content of God’s Word before we project our voices.

5. We Preach Truth


When you are standing on truth, you cannot be shaken.

Throughout history, and today more than ever, the Western world has sugar-coated, watered-down, and/or changed the Gospel entirely. Here at Youth With a Mission we are completely committed to the Biblical truth of the Gospel and living out a Biblical worldview in all areas of life. Even though this challenges us in our faith and in our daily lives and struggles, we  refuse to shy away from the hard truths that God presents us with in Scripture.

Throughout our Discipleship Training School (DTS), we challenge our students and staff to dive deeper into relationship with God and live lives of holiness, as we are transformed by the Gospel.

Standing on a glass overlook can be scary, but the truth is that it will hold you up. We don’t preach and teach the feeling that comes with where you are standing, but we are committed to teaching the truth of the One we stand upon.


6. We are Gospel-Oriented


We go for the Gospel -- experiencing new cultures and nations is just bonus.

The driving force of all we do at YWAM isn’t experience or adventure, but the Gospel. We don’t just seek the experience of traveling, the fun of seeing new cultures, or even the stamp in our passports (although these are bonus features).

We seek the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached, the nations discipled, and people receiving the redemption freely offered by Jesus.

And, to tell you the truth, nothing is more fulfilling, challenging, freeing, and gratifying. Our days are marked by the joys of going on such a grand adventure with God together, but our focus is ALWAYS the Gospel, always Jesus, and always the glory of God.


7. We’re More Than Just Co-Workers, We’re Family


You didn’t just do a missions trip together, and you aren’t just co-workers...

You will meet friends that will last a lifetime, from all over the world! These friends will walk with you for the rest of your life, champion you, speak truth into your heart, mind, and soul, and be there through the ups and downs.

God forms an incomparable, beautiful bond between you and your classmates as you passionately pursue Him for 6 months. You didn’t just do a missions trip together, and you aren’t just co-workers, but rather you are brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Mandie is on staff here at YWAM Yosemite where she did her DTS in the Fall of 2015. She has studied Ministry Development and the Bible through YWAM. She has a huge heart for Thailand, where she plan to move long-term one day. Mandie loves teaching, people, and adventuring with friends. She is passionate about people knowing the beauty of the Bible and the impact that it has on the Christian life.