Put Your "Yes" In Action


Put Your “Yes” In Action

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” - Luke 11:28

Take a second to think back to the moment you felt God calling you into missions.


Stop for a moment and think about it.

Were you a ten-year-old, listening as a missionary to Nairobi shared at your church?

Were you attending a worship night at your university?

Were you sitting in DTS lecture, and your speaker mentioned an unreached people group?

Or were you on your DTS outreach, sharing the Gospel with someone who had never heard it before?

For me, during my DTS lecture phase, I came to this conviction:

If the Gospel is true and Jesus is Lord, then my response must be obedience to the Great Commission.

But, on my outreach, as I discipled a young Syrian woman, I felt deep within me, “I was made for this.”

It was as if the Holy Spirit breathed new life… new vision… new passion… new dreams into my bones.

I was made for this.


“If the Gospel is true, then my response must be obedience to the Great Commission.”

I am so excited about all the growth we’ve seen in YWAM over the past few years. Bigger DTS’s… more secondary schools… expanding staff teams…

But there is something still that grieves my heart.

We are still not seeing a proportionate amount of young people commit…

Commit to accomplishing the Great Commission in our generation.

Commit to one nation, to one people group.

Commit to learning language, no matter how many years it may take.

Commit to pastoring one church into obedient discipleship.

Yes, there’s committing six months to a school… there’s committing two years to a base…

But what happened to committing our lives?


What happened to committing our lives?

Two centuries ago, there was a wave of “one-way missionaries.”

One-way tickets… earthly possessions packed into coffins… wills written… final farewells said to family members.

I’m not saying this is what your commitment has to look like.

But doesn’t this simple obedience to Jesus’ command to “pick up your cross and follow Him” stir your heart?

Do you think these "one-way missionaries” found it worth it?

… found Jesus worth it?

Last year, I helped pioneer the School of Missions & Evangelism at YWAM Yosemite.

Why? Because I want to see you put your “Yes” into action.

What call has God placed on your heart?

The mission field of Nepal? Thailand? The Middle East?

Youth ministry?

Pastoring a flock to be disciples who make disciples?

Or maybe you’ve just said, “Yes, Jesus! Send me anywhere,” but you’re waiting on the next step.

We want to get you ready.

Then we want to launch you into your “Yes.”

I want to boldly say to you, as I sit in a cafe thirty minutes from the Syrian border:

Stop sitting on your call.

As David Joannes, current missionary to the unreached of Asia, writes,

“People are still waiting at the other end of our obedience.”

I want to invite you to pray about joining us this April for our School of Missions & Evangelism.

It’s simple: get equipped in missions, evangelism, leadership and ministry development. Then get launched into your calling.

What’s S.O.M.E.?

The School of Missions & Evangelism is six-months of training for full-time ministry — for missionaries, pastors, youth ministers, and more. The school brings together training in leadership, ministry development, missions, and evangelism. Get equipped to be effective in your calling. Then, get launched into your field.

Join us this April.



Maddy is on our staff missionary team at YWAM Yosemite. Since doing her DTS in 2016, she has committed to seeing the Middle East reached with the Gospel. She now co-leads the School of Missions & Evangelism and is looking forward to moving to the Middle East whenever God says, “It’s time!” Get In Touch with Maddy