YWAM Fall DTS: Thailand Update 2


Our second week in Mae Sot started out strong. With several open-air ministries under our belt as well as a better understanding of how to interact with the Thai and Burmese people, we had an amazing start to the week. On Sunday, Dec. 21st, we were chosen to preach at two different churches in the area, so we split into two groups.In obedience to the Spirit, Marcele and Hosanna delivered the sermons.

When each group arrived at the churches, the congregations awaiting them were completely different than previously anticipated. The seats were filled with young Thai and Burmese people (not many of them were older than age 18) and only one or two older people. The Holy Spirit gave each speaker courage and wisdom on how to teach these young people about Jesus. Marcele gave her testimony, sharing her passion to teach everyone she could about the love of Christ and how important it is in each person’s life.  Hosanna gave a message on brotherly love and unification in families, emphasizing the importance of loving one another.

That night, we attended a Christmas church service where we had the privilege of listening to the evangelistic heart of a Burmese worship leader. He spoke on wisdom and being faithful in your callings. "Wisdom is not knowing a lot of things," he declared. "Wisdom is what you do with what you know. Wisdom is being faithful with the things God has shown you!" The rest of the night was filled with worship (in both English and Burmese), hearing what the Spirit had to say, worship, fellowship, and great food. We then attended a Thai/Burmese BB, where we grilled and cooked our own food on a potluck-style grill. It was an amazing time of fellowship time with the youth.

During the week, we got to teach English at a local Thai school. Most people, when being thrown into a situation they know nothing about, might be a bit shy and timid, but we jumped right in and played games with the kids, spoke God's love in their futures, taught them songs, helped them out with their English sentences and became pop stars in their eyes.  Upon leaving the school, our Korean student, Tweety, had the whole class waving and screaming “goodbye" to her. You would have thought a famous movie star had entered their school!

Over the past week of the Christmas season, we got to know the community and share the love of Christ. We participated in Christmas programs, danced with the children of the communities, prayed for them, sang Christmas carols and have watched the Holy Spirit work in both ourselves and the children.

At the end of the week, we attended a Christmas celebration at a local prison. We ministered to the inmates, performed skits for them, and spoke God’s love into their lives.  The fact that we visited visibly impacted the prisoners, showing them they are not forgotten in this world, how much Jesus loves them and wants to speak into their hearts and change their lives drastically.  Their reception affected us as well, to see joy and a thirst for the Gospel in the souls of those on the brink of hopelessness.

After the service at the jail, we traveled up to a Burmese mountain refugee camp to work at an orphanage. Each of us was radically touched by the love shown to us by the children, many of whom had no family to their name. Their hearts for God and their communities were unflinching in the face of hardship. The children where so grateful for everything they had and they received the Yosemite team with open arms. The time we had with the children, though limited, was meaningful. We embraced the time we spent with them and made sure every moment counted, including participating in a sports day with the children. One of the best parts of the weekend involved going down to the river bordering Thailand and Burma and swimming with the children for hours.  They played with us and showed us just how amazing and simple life can be.

That week was particularly impactful for the Yosemite team. By trying to be a blessing to others and being a vessel for God, He has, in turn, blessed us unbelievably and poured His spirit out on us every day! We are able to speak into others lives and bless them. There was a specific reason God called this team to Thailand and He is graciously revealing His plan as we continue on here.