YWAM Yosemite Spring Update


We have had a beautiful Spring in Yosemite this year, one where it has been impossible to miss the unwavering faithfulness of our God through answered prayer after answered prayer, favor undeserved and unexpected, as well as provision beyond even our hopes. God is good, all the time, and we know it well! Our team has been steadily growing as more and more people are being drawn to what God is doing here and what is still brewing. Already we have doubled in staff and we believe this really is just the beginning. With the growth in staff has also come the provision of housing. A second staff house has opened up to us, in a perfect location, and we now are able to work out of two houses! It has been a massive blessing for us and allows for some much needed growing room.

In our last newsletter, we wrote about a property we had found that would make for a perfect YWAM base. After a whole lot of prayer and seeking God, we are now submitting an offer to the owners as a step of faith in moving towards having it as our campus. There still remains, however, many loose ends to tie up before we can escrow on it. We have had incredible favor from a widely respected man in the community who is ready to donate the down payment for this property as soon as we get these things nailed down! Again we've seen God step in and do what He alone can do, and we are all in awe of Him.

Looking ahead at the near future definitely makes us even more grateful that we serve a Big God that takes care of our needs. We are going to be hosting a '4K' seminar here next month. '4K' is a global mapping project aimed at responding to the world’s spiritual and physical needs more strategically. We will be partnering with the local churches to be properly trained and equipped in the use of detailed global mapping to better target our outreach ministries.  In this age of technology, the tool of mapping to track Gospel presence and basic life needs is making the task of reaching everyone on Earth a reality. As YWAM Yosemite, our heart beats for the un-reached frontiers of this planet, for the multitude of people groups who know nothing of the love of their Savior, and we are so excited for this seminar and what will come from it.

Not long after this seminar, we will be running our first Mission Adventures program with a theme of Apologetics in Evangelism. Plans are quickly coming together and we can't wait to welcome in and champion some quality young people. Our aim is to provide these high-schoolers with teaching and training to prepare them for missions and send them back into their local communities with the confidence to answer the hard questions and bring those who they interact with on a daily basis closer to Jesus.

And then, of course, comes our first Discipleship Training School, beginning this September. It seems like we have new people interested in applying every week! We have already accepted four students and are so grateful to God for bringing these ones and entrusting them to us. We also have about 7 potential students who are still in the application process. There is still much to do in preparing for this school and we would love to see even more staff come and be a part of all this. Please join with us in praying not only for more staff and students, but for the right staff and students to be here at just the right time.

In the midst of all of this, we continue to strive to build a firm foundation for YWAM Yosemite. In our early stages we want to be sure to set this ministry up to last, to have deep roots in God and His word and to be faithful in the small as well as the large. We want to be a blessing to this community and the local churches, partnering with the body of Christ here to build up and strengthen each other. At the end of the day, our hands are getting happily full, and God remains faithful.

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