YWAM Yosemite
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Committed to Training

As our primary program is the DTS, we are committed to training and sending young people to the nations. Weekly bible teaching and apologetics ensure that students and staff alike are constantly in a posture of learning and growing.

We also offer First Aid, CPR and AED training at our base. Our Community Development department aims to develop sustainable initiatives, such as aquaponics, that can be taught in the nations.


The Discipleship Training School is a 6 month journey
in discipleship and missions.

Then, during your two to three months on outreach, you will take the Good News of Jesus Christ to one of our Focus Nations, where you will witness first-hand the transformative and life-bringing power of the Gospel.

For the first three months during your lecture phase, you will discover who God is and what it means to follow Jesus. Your faith will be both challenged and strengthened like never before. You will be equipped with weekly apologetics, bible study, and will get First Aid, CPR & AED certified.


Discipleship Training School


Passion for the unreached

With a 'yes' in our hearts, we are willing to do what it takes to access the hardest and the darkest places. Our prayer is that we are constantly dying to ourselves for the sake of the Gospel.

Our DTS is centered around the urgency of the Great Commission as we equip the students to respond to this call.





Located in the wild Sierra Nevada mountains, there is so much adventure, excitement, and insight to be discovered with God as you venture deep into the evergreen forest.  Our love for the trail takes some DTS classes outdoors. Camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, biking are frequent weekend activities. We believe God loves to reveal Himself through His creation, and that’s where we love to seek him!


Committed Staff

All of our staff and volunteers are deeply invested in our vision. It's more than a temporary ministry or a brief season of life. We believe it is an honorable calling to see the base develop and grow into everything God has planned for it. We value investing in our staff and prioritize staff development and training.




Community Involvement

On Mondays, we host community worship at our base, uniting the local body of Christ in worship.

Not only do our DTS students engage in weekly mercy ministry and evangelism, but every YWAM staff member also must be individually invested in the community. We have staff serving in youth groups, on worship teams, doing regular evangelism, and even one staff member who serves as a police chaplain.





There are endless opportunities to contribute to the growth of our base. Both staff and students are encouraged to pursue the dreams God has placed within them. Our vision is to create new ministries all over the world. We love to be the platform that lifts and launches visions for the glory of God.