Why Nepal?

Nepal still has many people groups who are completely unreached, many of which are located in areas that are hard to get to via traditional transportation. Many areas don’t have any Christians in its villages (and if there are, they usually stay hidden).

Our heart is to see not just evangelism but also discipleship through church planting, long-term discipleship, and training in mercy ministries.

God's heart for the nation: unique opportunity to NT approach to ministering the Gospel (trek & hike) 

How We Serve There

Our first outreach to Nepal was in 2015. In this nation, we have a unique opportunity to take a New Testament approach to ministering the Gospel by trekking and hiking to villages where Christ risen has never been proclaimed.

Our ministry there includes trekking into high-Himalayan villages to preach the Gospel and connecting with local church planters. We also partner with Five14 Adventures to build tea houses that help villages create income.

Madeleine Mudd