Why Thailand?

There's an immense hunger in the Thai people to know Jesus. Today, there are still 5 people groups that are completely unreached by the Gospel. 

During our first outreach there in 2014, we worked with Bermese refugees on the border between Burma and Thailand & in the red light districts doing evangelism, training, and mercy ministry.

We believe that God's heart for the nation of Thailand is to see families restored, the exploitation of women & children stopped, and the local church discipled & strengthened.

How We Serve There

From remote villages, where we support local village churches in discipleship, to the red-light districts, where we work with bar girls by building friendships over a long period of time, Thailand is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding nation to serve in. We've even seen a bar-girl come out of prostitution, get saved, and go do her DTS!

We love being in this nation where we have access to immediate ministry and can easily travel the country, ride elephants through the jungle, go bamboo rafting down the rivers, and plunge into the cool water at the foot of great waterfalls!

Madeleine Mudd