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Save Our Property: Statement 

24 October 2019

Dear YWAM Yosemite extended family,

Our property at 50034 Hangtree Lane is a place where countless lives have been transformed...
Where we’ve commissioned out hundreds of young people into the nations…
Where freedom has exploded from moments of worship…

Today, this same property is something we’re having to fight to keep…
Yet we are confident that God has called us here to make an impact on the community of Oakhurst and see the nations transformed by the Gospel.

As our extended ministry family, we want to bring you into the loop on what we’re walking through and make an urgent request for your prayers and support.

Let us explain…
We purchased our property five years ago with owner financing.

In that contract, we agreed to a five-year mortgage, at the end of which we would pay the remainder by refinancing or paying the property off in full–– this is known as a balloon payment. We began the process of refinancing our property this spring, knowing we would have to pay off the balloon this fall. 

We were working with a Christian credit union who assured us we had plenty of time, would have equity in our property, and would not need a down payment to secure a loan with them for the remainder. We did not anticipate needing more time nor a down payment on the loan.

The process continued and dragged on. The date to pay off our balloon payment came and went, sending us into a default on the loan. The credit union was still working out the details of the loan and said we were still looking good, not to worry, and the funds would be released, but about three weeks later than anticipated. 

Four weeks passed from the payment due date and we were dealt a major blow. Instead of the credit union releasing the funds to pay off the balloon, they informed us that the appraisal of our property was much lower than expected and they would have to rework the terms with us.

They came back to us a few days later, saying we now need a down payment of $67,000 in order for them to continue to work with us.

Because we are over a month past the payment due to the original owners, they have initiated foreclosure (totally within their rights) which has put us in a race against the clock to come up with the down payment so we can keep our property. 

Being able to pay the down payment would secure the loan for us and enable us to pay off the original owners, saving us from foreclosure. We have less than 80 days left to secure this amount.

We know God is in complete control over this and, as a staff family, we went straight to worship and prayer. 

The Lord led us to not start raising funds until we first took an offering among ourselves. That offering generated $4,500 and, the same week, a local church donated another $6,700. 

In just one day, through prayer, we saw over $11,000 come in!

We are now reaching out to our larger network of YWAM family, ministries, and past donors to raise the rest of the funds needed so we can save our property. 

Will you prayerfully consider joining us and making a financial donation?

It is very humbling for us to be in this position, but we also see how important it is to reach out to our brothers and sisters for help. We know we have a Word of the Lord to fight for this property, so we’re fighting hard. 

How to Give:

The best way to give is by clicking this link.

You can also mail a check made out to YWAM Yosemite to:

50034 Hangtree Lane

Oakhurst, CA 93644

Remember to write “Property” in the memo.

From all of us at YWAM Yosemite, thank you for your support.


Nathan & Joy Nielsen
Base Directors
YWAM Yosemite