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There's an immense hunger in the Thai people to know Jesus. Today, there are still 5 people groups that are completely unreached by the Gospel. 

During our first outreach there in 2014, we worked with Bermese refugees on the border between Burma and Thailand & in the red light districts doing evangelism, training, and mercy ministry. We believe that God's heart for the nation of Thailand is to see families restored, the exploitation of women & children stopped, and the local church discipled & strengthened.

How We Serve There

From remote villages, where we support local village churches in discipleship, to the red-light districts, where we work with bar girls by building friendships over a long period of time, Thailand is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding nation to serve in. We've even seen a bar-girl come out of prostitution, get saved, and go do her DTS!

We love being in this nation where we have access to immediate ministry and can easily travel the country, ride elephants through the jungle, go bamboo rafting down the rivers, and plunge into the cool water at the foot of great waterfalls!




Nepal still has many people groups who are completely unreached, many of which are located in areas that are hard to get to via traditional transportation.

Many areas don’t have any Christians in its villages (and if there are, they usually stay hidden).Our heart is to see evangelism and discipleship through church planting, long-term discipleship, and training in mercy ministries.

How We Serve There

Our first outreach to Nepal was in 2015. In this nation, we have a unique opportunity to take a New Testament approach to ministering the Gospel by trekking and hiking to villages where Christ risen has never been proclaimed.

Our ministry there includes trekking into high-Himalayan villages to preach the Gospel and connecting with local church planters. We also partner with Five14 Adventures to build tea houses that help villages create income.




Current Location: Greece

We believe the refugee crisis is one of our greatest opportunities to reach the Muslim world with the Gospel.

We've been serving refugees in Greece since Spring 2016. Throughout the Bible, we see God's heart for those displaced from their homeland. In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of people from nations completely closed to the Gospel have fled war and corruption to Europe, where they are now free to hear the Gospel message.

How We Serve Refugees

In Greece, we have worked in refugee camps, served in day centers, distributed provisions, evangelized and discipled. The most beautiful thing about serving refugees is that they come to Europe seeking hope, freedom, and healing, all of which are only truly found in Jesus -- and we get to share this message with them!

During both January 2017 and 2018, we even gathered with over 200 YWAM missionaries to do a mass-outreach to the refugees in Athens. We saw Jesus' claim that "the fields are ripe for harvest" lived out!

Greece Outreach 2016 - Lesvos Team

Greece Outreach 2016 - Thessaloniki Team



Twentieth century missionary Samuel Zwemer said, "One might suppose that the church thought the Great Commission did not apply to Muslims." 

God is doing a mighty work in the Middle East, revealing that Jesus is indeed the Son of God. He is even revealing Himself in dreams and visions to devout Muslims.

God is calling bold believers to go, share the Gospel, and disciple new believers to make disciples.

We are sending both short-term and long-term teams to work in this region.


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