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Fall DTS

Next School Begins: September 12th, 2018

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Take six months to deepen your walk with Jesus like never before.

As you explore the trails of Yosemite, receive practical Biblical training, and serve overseas as a boots-on-the-ground missionary, you will discover that God created you to make Him known wherever He calls you. You will be challenged to take ownership of your faith and be equipped to authentically live it out in every area of your life.

Our Discipleship Training Schools begin every September and January!

This six-month discipleship training program will equip you for a lifetime of following Jesus, wherever He may call you.


Here's how this 6-month adventure works:


Know God Deeper

Lecture Phase
3 Months in Yosemite, California

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Lecture Phase

3 Months in
Yosemite, CA

Learn from missionaries, pastors, and Bible teachers.

You will learn from speakers from around the world about what it means to radically follow Jesus. They'll teach on topics relating to the character & nature of God, Biblical worldview, missions, apologetics, the Bible, and more. You will gain both "head knowledge" and "heart knowledge" about God that overflows into practically walking out your faith.

Live in a missions-focused community.

At YWAM Yosemite, we believe that all people have a right to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will have weekly opportunities to reach out to our local mountain community in both service and evangelism (verbally sharing your faith), as well as gaining the skills you need for working overseas during your 3-month outreach!

Be discipled in living out your faith.

You will receive one-on-one discipleship and engage in weekly small groups to process all you're learning in lecture. You will gain the tools you need to study the Bible, cultivate a prayer life, and worship God in spirit & truth.

Explore the mountains of Yosemite, CA.

We are located just 20 minutes outside of Yosemite National Park. You will have opportunities to go hiking, rock climbing, and camping with your friends on the weekends, but we'll also have some school-wide outdoor excursions, too! You won't want to miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of Sierra National Forest!

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Make Jesus Known

Outreach Phase
2-3 Months of Overseas Missions


Outreach Phase

2-3 Months
of Overseas Missions

Live as a boots-on-the-ground missionary.

Your outreach team will live immersed in a culture different from your own. Responding to Jesus commandment to "Go and make disciples of all nations," you will share the Gospel, make disciples, serve local ministries, and so much more. These three months will be some of the most challenging -- but also the most strengthening and rewarding -- months of your life!

Bring the Gospel to those who have never before heard the name of Jesus.

You will learn that the truth of the Gospel is boundless -- it is the message of salvation for every person, from every culture, speaking every language. Whether hiking to remote regions of the Himalayas, building friendships with bar-girls in the Bangkok red-light district, or sitting down with a Muslim family in a refugee camp, you will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have had little to no access to the Gospel.

Serve as the hands & feet of Jesus.

You will have opportunities to be a part of the big picture of what God is doing in your outreach location by serving with local ministries. For example:

  • In Nepal, our teams work with Five14 Adventures in Nepal to build tea houses that allow villages create income so they don't have to sell their children into human trafficking.
  • In Thailand, we work with Lighthouse In Action which responds to every aspect of the sex-trafficking cycle from prevention, to release, to recovery.
  • In Greece, we parter with ministries that provide resources and aid to refugees.

Get equipped.

We believe that you discover your purpose by serving, not by searching. As you serve, you will discover skills, passions, and gifts that you never knew were within you. During your outreach, you will learn how to overcome the inevitable spiritual, emotional and physical challenges you will face wherever the Lord calls you.

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Your Life Transformed


Six months for a lifetime of following Jesus.

Whether you pursue long-term missions, pastoral leadership, or a career, you will be equipped:

  • To be a disciple of Jesus & make disciples

  • To live a Biblical lifestyle

  • In spiritual disciplines, like prayer, worship, and Bible study

  • To share & defend your faith

  • To live & work in cross-cultural environments

  • To endure & overcome through challenges in life & faith

After you do your DTS, you can also further your education through YWAM. Check out UofN.edu to learn more!


"To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him."

- William Carey (1761- 1834)
Missionary to India


DTS Costs

Lecture Phase: $3,000

Includes: Housing, food, books, and transportation.

Outreach Phase: $2,500 + airfare

Includes: Housing on the ship, food, in-country transportation, and visas.

Don't let the cost of a DTS hold you back! We have never had a student leave because money didn't come in!

Have any questions about fundraising for your DTS? Get in touch with us! Our staff can answer any questions you may have and they have plenty of ideas and resources to help you out!


Will you go all-in with Jesus?